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Does your camera display any of the following error codes? These codes may display on the LCD intermittently during operation and most of the time the camera will freeze or shut down. Turning the camera OFF and ON may reset the camera temporarily. Below you may associate the error code with the portion of the camera that is failing. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms your camera is in need of service.

E37 - Shutter circuit malfunction.

E93 - Zoom circuit malfunction.

E7 - Shutter circuit malfunction.

E9 - Zoom  circuit malfunction.

Any "U" code - Zoom  circuit malfunction.

Any "H" code - Shutter circuit malfunction.

Red-eye with flash photography.

When a picture is taken using a flash, a subject's eyes may appear red in the print. This phenomenon is caused by the reflection of the electronic flash in the retina. It can be reduced when the surroundings of the subject are brightened, or shooting distance is shortened or by employing the red-eye reduction flash feature. By implementing these tactics the red-eye will only be reduced, not eliminated.


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Pentax 6x7
Does your mirror hang up intermittently? There are many reasons why the mirror box can hang up, but the most common is a low or dead battery. When the batteries are low, the mirror will hang up half way in the middle of the mirror box. If you remove your lens you will see the mirror is stuck half way up. Before you install a new battery you need to make sure that you reset the mirror box by following the directions below.

  1. Push the mirror box reset button (Fig. 1). This is located on the front side of the camera and by the shutter release, just below the release button.
  2. When you push the reset button the mirror will flip to the top of the mirror box. Once this happens you can push the shutter release button and the mirror will flip to the bottom of the mirror box.
  3. Now your mirror box has been reset, you may install a new battery. Once the new battery is installed use the battery check button and confirm that the battery check light comes on (Fig. 2). You can rely on the battery check function; it is very accurate and reliable.
  4. If this does not solve your problem then you have internal mechanical or electronic failure. Your product requires service.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Operating the shutter without film in the camera.

  1. Open the camera's back cover.
  2. Place your finger on the dial of the exposure counter and push while turning it counterclockwise until it indicates "1" or more (Fig 3).
  3. Hold the counter in place while closing the back cover.
  4. Now you may wind the shutter and release it as needed.

        Fig. 3

Operating in Extreme Temperatures.

Your camera will function properly within the temperature range of about + 50 C to -10 C. Resistance to cold, however, diminishes as the lubricants within the camera become dirty. The effect of this will be a slow down in shutter speed, particularly in the upper range. It is therefore advisable to use the slowest shutter speed possible in extremely cold situations. At temperatures below 0 C, most batteries begin to lose power. One way to avoid this is by using the accessory battery cord and keeping the battery warm under your clothing.


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